T U R N I N G    O N E   S E S S I O N

A cake smash is the perfect way to celebrate a 1st birthday!​​​​​​​​

Are you looking for a creative way to celebrate the milestone of your child’s first birthday?! It may seem a little crazy to take a beautiful cake and let a baby smash it but the photos are sooo adorable! I advise many parents to use the images as part of their child’s birthday invitations or birthday banner. Head over to the design section of the website to see examples. Each cake smash session is customised; I select the perfect backdrops and props to ensure your photos are unique - why would you want the same as the person before you?! If there is a particular theme or colour scheme you would like, we can discuss this in your shoot plan and I will design and personalise the set for you.

Your session will include:

A mini portrait session before we start the cake smash. Feel free to bring more than one outfit for this part of the session!.
Customised colour scheme of the smash. Bunting/party decorations.
​Ballons to take away!
A good old fashioned tin bubble bath, to wash off that yummy icing if mummy or daddy haven't help eat it all! 

What you need to know/bring:

Cake smash sessions generally take 1-2 hours.
Bring your child’s favourite juice or water as cake smashing is thirsty work!
Bring 1 or 2 outfits for your child to wear for the first part of the session so we can get some nice portraits before the cake starts getting smashed up! I provide simple nappy covers/outfits for the cake smash part of the session.
Cake smashes are VERY messy, the bubble bath should help with the mess and get your lump of love clean as they can be before they leave the studio. It is recommended that you bring a dressing gown for them to wear and towels to cover the car seats with for the journey home to the bath!
- Of course, bring a giant cupcake/cake for your child to smash up! Please let me know when you book what colour scheme you would like to go with.

F O L L O W   O U R   S  O C I A L   M E D I A