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The first days of your newborn’s life are some of the most precious and treasured. Becoming a Mummy or Daddy is one of life's best gifts. The emotions you will experience and the overwhelming love from your tiny little baby does not compare to anything else.​​

I take a unique approach to newborn photography by utilizing minimalist and simple components to accentuate a baby’s purity and newness.

By choosing to book a newborn photography session you can capture all the precious details, the way they pout their lips, the hair on their back, these are all little details you don't want to forget. The adorable newborn poses and your first family portrait of you snuggling your bundle of joy are moments for you to look back on forever. My studio is custom designed all around comfortablity, from lounging chairs, fluffy pillows and plenty of naughty calorific snacks....you will feel totally relaxed. ​​

I advise that you book a date in the diary as early as possible. The majority of my clients book after their 20 week scan. Once booking a provisional date,  I can then alter your session date if your baby is early or late. 

Newborn sessions need to be held as soon as possible after birth, the best time to schedule your fresh session is within the first 5 – 14 days of your bundle of joy arriving. By photographying at this stage, they will be more responsive to my posing postions whilst still being very sleepy and curled up from being in the womb. 

It approximately takes around three hours to capture your fresh session. Your new lump of love is totally in control over the timing of the session, sometimes Mummy's milk taste too good!! You will not be rushed as the safety and comfort of your little one is of extremely important. 

Handling your newborn with safety is most crucial, I position the baby with care and confidence, posing and creating images which will make your heart melt just watching. 

Do I need to bring anything?
Plenty of nappies, milk for the baby (if not breast feeding), dummy, blanket and any hats or objects you would like in some of the images.

I cannot wait to create images that you will treasure for a life time.


This must come first, I am very educated in safety posing aspects. The temperature of the room, the baby’s circulation and the positioning of the baby are some of the main points that I consider. My style is very much focused on natural posing and simple set ups. 
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
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